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Ten films to inspire your next travels

The Big Blue

1. The Big Blue
1988, Dir. Luc Besson

This was my favourite film growing up, and it was only knocked off the number one spot when Lost in Translation came out in 2003 – so it’s safe to say I loved this movie for a looooong time. Set in Greece and Italy and in the intense world of free-diving, it’s visually just stunning and will make you long to place yourself in amongst those meditarranean blues. I’ll even forgive it it’s odd ending, as somehow it just all makes sense – I’d probably do what he did, too. (see how I didn’t spoil it for you?!) Sadly Roseanna Arquette’s character is more than a bit annoying, but hey it’s all part of the story… It’s more than likely that this film played in a large role in me wanting to live on this side of the world for a while – so if you watch it, keep your bags packed and your passport by your side.


Lost in Translation

2. Lost in Translation
2003, Dir. Sofia Coppola

Hands down my number one movie – and that’s saying a lot. I love the feeling that is given of isolation and loneliness in a world which really is so full and chaotic. But then also revelling in being a stranger in a strange land. I can definitely relate.


Buena Vista Social Club

3. Buena Vista Social Club
1999, Dir. Wim Wenders

Sure, more of a documentary than a movie, but I double dare you to watch this Wim Wenders film and not want to be immediately transported to a bar in la Habana Vieja, with Omara Portuondo crooning in your ear and Rubén González tinkling the ivories as you sip your rum. It’s certainly the film that made me travel there way back in 2006. And all these years later I’m dying to go back…

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